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Stepping up professionally, whether that's as a new manager or leader or joining a new company into a bigger role, can be overwhelming. 


The stakes are high and there's a desire to prove one's worth.  It shouldn't be tarnished with 'imposter' feelings, worry and self-doubt.  With guided support, these feelings and obstacles can be navigated to enable individuals to reach their full potential quickly and to do so with more confidence and ease.  

My coaching programme takes individuals from self-doubt and overwhelm to feeling capable, brave and empowered in their first 90 days in their new role. 


With their new-found self-belief and confidence, they will be whistling their way to work and thriving.  To find out more about how I can help you in this space, let's chat.


We can all experience self-doubts, fear failure and suffer 'imposter' feelings.  When it holds us in our comfort zone, keeps us playing small, it stops us reaching our potential and shining. 


My bespoke workshops cover topics such as self-doubt, 'imposter' feelings, fear of failure, lack of confidence and being more visible at work and can be tailored to your objectives. 


With a mixture of individual reflective activities, working in pairs and group discussions, they will be designed to take the participants on a journey of self-discovery and awareness, enable them to challenge and reframe their blockers, equip them to get control over their inner-critic and exercise self-compassion and enable them to link into their purpose.

To chat further about what you are looking to provide and how I can help with this, I'd love to hear from you.

'Louisa ran a workshop on 'Overcoming limiting beliefs' for the FizzPopBANG team at our first company Retreat.  The session was both thought provoking and insightful, allowing us all a chance to reflect and challenge ourselves in a safe environment.  She found the perfect balance of energising us and allowing us to self reflect, her natural facilitation style working brilliantly with a team who are used to facilitating others (this is no mean feat, we can be a rowdy bunch!).  Thank you so much Louisa!'

Carla Cringle, Founder, FizzPopBANG

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