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I create a safe and supportive space where you get valuable time for self discovery, reflection and learning. 

We’ll work together over 3 months with six coaching sessions in total.  The first will be 90 minutes, the following sessions will last 60 minutes each. 

We will schedule these for a mutually convenient time.  Sessions can be face to face or via zoom depending on your location.     ​



  • We will work together to raise your awareness of YOUR thoughts, beliefs and habits that sabotage you. 

  • You will start to understand how these affect your behaviours and limit you.

  • With challenge and reflection you'll learn to shift your limiting beliefs and operate from a place of positivity, reality and self-acceptance.

  • With my support, you'll harness your learnings, targeted towards your specific areas of focus. 

  • You will feel your self-belief and resilience grow as you learn to rise from set-backs, regulate your inner conversations and emotions, align with your values and feel confident to face any challenges thrown your way.

  • At the end of our time together you will feel liberated, empowered and capable as you reach your full potential and thrive.

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By the end of our sessions, you will have grown in self-belief and resilience and feel empowered to fulfil your potential and move forward with confidence and ease. 

You will be equipped to use your increased self-awareness to create a positive impact and overcome restrictive thoughts, emotions and fears.

As a result of our work together, my clients leave with:

Greater self-belief; confident in their abilities, feeling deserving of their success and equipped to manage their imposter feelings.  They feel more focused, acting with intention and purpose and able to think more clearly.  

Confidence; in themselves and their abilities, feeling more assertive, trusting their judgement, feeling able to have difficult conversations and feeling confident influencing ‘upwards’ and setting clear boundaries. 

Less fear of failure; worrying less about what others might think and what the consequences might be, brave and empowered to step out of their comfort zone, take risks and try new things.


The courage to ‘show-up’ and be their true-self; acting in line with their values, feeling fulfilled and uncompromised.  Feeling confident to contribute their opinions and make their mark.  Shedding feelings of comparison and worry about judgement.

If you are ready for results like this, lets chat.  I offer a no obligation exploratory call.  Let's get started....

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