My passion, purpose and expertise is in supporting you to uncover and overcome what's holding you back from achieving what you are striving for or from being who you want to be.  

I create a safe and supportive space where you get valuable time for self discovery, reflection and learning.  In our personalised individual coaching sessions, we work in partnership so that you can: 

  • Have a new-found awareness and understanding of where your thoughts and behaviours may limit you,

  • Challenge the beliefs holding you back and reframe these,

  • Become more aware of your inner dialogue and how this impacts you,

  • Challenge your inner critic and put your thoughts into perspective,

  • Become more positive and self-compassionate,

  • Identify where you want to be braver and what gets in the way of this,

  • Learn how to experience and rise from mistakes and how to regulate your emotions,

  • Identify and connect with your values and how to live them in harmony with your context,

  • Get clearer on your boundaries, where you are out of alignment with these and how to strengthen them,

  • Identify where you are feeling stuck and connecting to your purpose and passion to get motivated

By the end of our sessions you will feel liberated from your negative thoughts and behaviours and have greater self-belief, confidence and courage.  You will feel empowered to fulfil your potential and move forward with greater intention, clarity, flow and ease. 



I offer corporate and non-corporate packages. 
Both packages are built around 6x coaching sessions, over a period of 3 months. 
Coaching sessions can be held in-person or remotely.