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You've taken a big and exciting step-up in your career; one you deserve to enjoy and flourish at.  

It shouldn't be tarnished by 'imposter' feelings, worry and doubt.  

You should be shining bright, not playing small.​


I know how you're feeling, what you've tried and why it hasn't worked. 

It is possible to navigate through your self-doubts and fears and reclaim control.  

Together we can cultivate an easier way where you feel more confident in your abilities, worthy and fulfilled.  ​​​

The results you can expect from working with me

By the end of our sessions together, you will:

  • Fall in love with what you do and whistle on your way to work.

  • Feel liberated from your worries, fears and limiting thoughts.

  • Be equipped to navigate through your self-doubts.

  • Have grown in self-belief and resilience.

  • Feel empowered to take risks and try new things.

  • Be able to sustainably operate with confidence and ease.

  • Be able to rise from setbacks and regulate your inner narrative and emotions. 

  • Experience a renewed sense of motivation.

  • Feel deserving of your success.

  • Experience improved focus and clarity.

  • Trust your judgements and decisions.

  • Feel more present and less distracted by whirling thoughts.

  • Be kinder and more understanding towards yourself.

  • Reach your full potential and flourish in your new position.

If you are ready for results like this, lets chat! 

How we'll work together

We will work together over 3 months with 6 powerful coaching sessions.​  These will be face to face or via zoom depending on your location.     ​

I create a safe and supportive space where you get valuable time for self discovery, reflection, learning and growth.  All coaching sessions are uniquely guided by your context, priorities and desired outcomes. 


Within this, we are likely to focus on:​

  • Raising your awareness of how your thoughts, beliefs and narratives are shaping your emotions and behaviour. 

  • Understanding how these are limiting you day to day.

  • Gently challenging and shifting your limiting beliefs.

  • Celebrating and building upon your strengths and successes.

  • Connecting with your purpose.

  • Gaining control of your inner-critic with self-compassion, self-acceptance and evidence.

  • Safely experimenting and harnessing your learnings, targeted towards your unique areas of focus. 

  • Mutually agreed actions to progress your growth.

Louisa has been amazing at helping me through the transition into my new role, and my first foray into leading a large team. Every interaction was incredibly useful to tackle the challenge I was facing at that moment in time. Louisa’s approach left me developing my own solutions and tactics, with definite ownership on the actions I needed to take.

Kevin, Leader

Your investment


6 x coaching sessions over a 3 month period

An initial 90 minute and 5x 60 minute sessions.

£1,295 (payment plans available)


Corporate prices available upon request.

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