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A 3-day empowering retreat for women who need something to change, want to explore what they want and what this looks like, get purposeful and intentional, navigate what's holding them back and regain control.

With the daily pace of life and endless responsibilities; it's easy to find yourself on autopilot, doing what's expected of you, is familiar or too hard to change.  Perhaps you:

  • ​Are lacking purpose, focus or motivation to make a change. 

  • Have negative thoughts or patterns of behaviour that keep you stuck.

  • Have self-doubts and fears that can sabotage your progress.

  • Speak to yourself critically.  

  • Have self-care that is at an all-time low, with everything and everyone coming before you.    


Whatever isn’t working for you right now, this retreat will take you on a path of self-discovery, give you space to take stock and develop the power to make a change.


With four powerful workshops, gentle Pilates sessions, walks by the sea, wholesome food, time to just be and a plan to take away; this restorative retreat will leave you feeling re-energised, intentional and empowered to take control of your life.

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Day 1 - Germinate

We will be ready to welcome you to Florence House at around 2pm. 

After taking time to settle into your surroundings, we will get to know each other and start our first workshop.  I will run a fun and creative session where you start to get clear on who you want to be, what you want to have and what you want to do in the rest of 2023.  You will have all the materials you need to create your very own vision board that will support your continued journey towards what really matters to you. 


We will then take a walk down to the beach to get some fresh air before coming together again in the evening over a drink and a delicious vegetarian dinner. 


After dinner, Sofia will take us through a relaxing breathing experience in the magical yurt to set you up for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Day 2 - Grow

We will start our second day with a gentle Pilates session with Sofia, to stretch and awaken our bodies, followed by breakfast.

The first workshop of the day will be one of self-discovery, getting more aware of our limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories that we tell ourselves, how they are driving our behaviours and holding us back and how to challenge, reframe and reduce their influence.

We will then take a walk on the nearby cliffs to clear our heads and work up an appetite for a delicious lunch that will be waiting for us upon our return.


After lunch there will be a second workshop where we will approach our self-care, self-compassion and self-acceptance.  We will work on quietening our inner-critic, celebrating our successes, being kinder towards ourselves and upholding boundaries.

We will come together again in the evening for drinks and dinner.

Day 3 - Bloom

We will start our final day together with another Pilates session from Sofia, followed by a dip in the sea to truly awaken those brave enough!  After this there will be a hearty breakfast.

I will then run the last of the workshops which will bring together your renewed sense of purpose and direction, awareness, insights and learnings.  We will talk through tools and techniques for you to take away to support your continued development and I will guide you through formulating your bespoke plan for your continued practice and progress.


We will then enjoy lunch together and say our goodbyes before we meet again virtually in 4 weeks’ time for a group coaching session to check in on progress, support with challenges and celebrate wins. 



I’m Louisa, your host for the retreat.  My passion is helping individuals overcome their self-doubts to live more fulfilling lives and reach their potential.  I believe that our thoughts, beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves shape our emotions and behaviours. 


I also believe that we have the power to take control of these and that we all need to be much kinder to ourselves.  My path into coaching has raised my own self-awareness and helped me greatly with this!

When I’m not working, I enjoy family dog walks, spinning (sort of), Pilates (with Sofia!), baking, meeting up with friends and watching the world go by with a coffee.



My lovely friend and Pilates teacher, Sofia Rea, will be our Pilates guide over the three days.  Sofia runs The Garden House Pilates in Surrey, having trained with Body Control Pilates and opening the doors to her business in 2018. 

Sofia will take us through a relaxing breathing and meditative session on the first evening in the magical yurt and will run two gentle morning Pilates sessions to set us up for each day. 


You don’t need to have done Pilates before, these classes are designed for all abilities, to give us some ‘me time’, help us stretch, gently awaken our bodies and help us feel energised and ready for the day ahead.


Florence House is the perfect venue for a retreat and located perfectly for a short walk to the sea or a romp across the sea cliffs. 

We get the house and grounds all to ourself, which means plenty of space for our workshops and Pilates session, ‘me time’ and enough rooms to allow each participant to have access to their own bathroom. 

The home-made vegetarian lunches and dinners are healthy and delicious.

It’s also very easy to get to!  It is located in Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 4JS. It is under 1.5 hours from London via the train and 50 miles from the M25.



"Louisa’s retreat was pure bliss.  The days were full of useful workshops and conversations with lovely ladies, delicious vegetarian food and time to rejuvenate.  I particularly enjoyed the Vision Board workshop and feel that this is something I will use a lot going forwards.  It is a perfect opportunity to focus on YOU and get away from busy hectic lives.  Sofia ran the most amazing pilates sessions each morning and the very peaceful bedtime pilates session in a yurt!  It was purely magical! It was everything I expected and so much more!"


"From the moment I signed up for the Time to Bloom Retreat I felt nurtured and cared for. Louisa’s gentle approach and welcoming emails meant that I was fully prepared and ready to go. Once at the retreat this continued with a great venue and the surprise of a lovely gift bag.
Through each of Louisa’s sessions we were guided through and supported as we made our own breakthroughs and listened to one another in the safe space she created. This was perfectly balanced by the fantastic Pilates sessions that Sofia ran ending or starting our day in the right way. The retreat came at a perfect time for me as I am going through transition and I arrived tired and confused and left open, ready, and excited".


"The retreat completely reset how I was feeling and thinking. The venue was really calming and the food was amazing. The evening Pilates in a candle-lit yurt led to the best sleep ever! The coaching workshops felt so powerful because there was a group of us who all had fears about making changes and we were able to work together and separately to have space to think things through. We also laughed a lot! The retreat helped me have some small and big breakthroughs about moving forward and helped me to have a eureka moment about one of my blocks. Louisa was a great facilitator, calm and relaxed but helping steer us to think about challenging ideas which could support us to make changes. Since the retreat, I feel that making changes is possible.  I feel much more balanced and have hope that things are gradually changing.  I feel excited about the future (my beautiful vision board is also helping to inspire me too!)."


I’ve always wanted to spend more time for self reflection and improvement but life always got in the way. But then Louisa's retreat came up, at a time which couldn’t have been better. Louisa’s great approach made it such an enjoyable experience, one which I have taken so many things from. I now have a greater self awareness and the tools which I can use going forward.  I highly recommend this retreat to anyone that is looking for some help in their own personal self development. 



£695 per person.

If you wish to upgrade to a bedroom with a private en-suite shower room, there is an additional charge of £40.  

You can secure your place with a deposit of £250 once bookings are open.  


  • 2 nights’ accommodation in your own bedroom at Florence House

  • 1 evening relaxation and 2 morning Pilates session with Sofia

  • Guided walks and a sea dip

  • Healthy vegetarian home-cooked meals – 2 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts, unlimited teas/coffees, fruit and biscuits (dietary requirements are catered for)

  • Four powerful group workshops

  • Clarity of your purpose and goals for the year ahead and a vision board to keep you motivated and intentional

  • A greater awareness of where your thoughts and beliefs hold you back and renewed self-belief and courage.

  • Greater self-acceptance and self-compassion

  • A journal to record your workshop outputs, insights, reflections, learnings and action plan

  • Tools to take away to continue your progress

  • A follow up 60-minute group coaching call bringing everyone back together to check in on each others' progress and challenges and celebrate wins.


  • Most rooms have the use of their own bathroom (not en-suite).

  • Three bedrooms have a private en-suite attached to the room.  If you wish to upgrade to an en-suite there is a £40 additional charge, and this is first come first serve. 

  • There is also a cottage, ideal for friends, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a sitting area.

  • Prosecco and a non-alcoholic alternative will be provided on the first night.  Teas, coffee and water are also available.  Should you wish to enjoy a tipple of your choice, please bring this with you.

  • There is a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period, so if you change your mind within this time then your deposit will be refunded in full.  After this time the deposit is non-refundable (you can find someone to fill your place).


If you would like to join us at the ‘Your Time to Bloom’ retreat, please register your interest here.  Next retreats running March 2024.


Places are on a first come, first served basis, based on the payment of a deposit once bookings are open.

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