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Hi, I'm Louisa

I'm an experienced and certified coach with a passion for helping individuals overcome their self-doubts to live more fulfilling lives and reach their potential. 

I believe that our thoughts, beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves determine how we feel and behave.  I successfully help my clients uncover, understand and overcome what sabotages and holds them back, build their self-belief and courage and empower them to move forward with confidence and ease.

You are transitioning into a new role; a promotion, leading others, setting up your own business, a career change or returning to employment.

You are ambitious and driven to achieve and you have great potential.  

But something is holding you back. 

Maybe you aren’t sure exactly what this is; but one thing you are sure of is that you are feeling frustrated at not being able to move forward, reach your full potential or feel truly fulfilled.

You experience self-doubt; questioning your abilities, feeling like you’re not good enough, not experienced enough or that you are a fraud and will soon get found out.  You overthink things, find it hard to make decisions, seek permission and find yourself procrastinating.   

You lack confidence; in yourself and your abilities, finding it hard to be assertive, to have difficult conversations, to influence ‘upwards’ and to set clear boundaries.  You compare yourself to others and don’t trust your own judgement. 

You fear failure; or the shame and embarrassment that might come with it.  You worry about what others might think and what the consequences might be, which stops you from taking risks or trying new things and holds you firmly in your comfort zone.


You feel unable to ‘show-up’ and be your true-self; it feels vulnerable and you don’t feel courageous enough.  You worry that you’ll be judged and you’re not living true to your values, you feel unfulfilled and at times compromised.

I’ve been there, it’s a lonely and daunting place to be!  That's why I’m passionate about using my experience and expertise to support those going through such a transition to do so with more ease and success.

Imagine feeling confident and capable, empowered and courageous, reaching your full potential and thriving.

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