Louisa has been amazing at helping me through the transition into my new role, and my first foray into leading a large team. Every interaction was incredibly useful to tackle the challenge I was facing at that moment in time. Louisa’s approach to each session left me developing my own solutions and tactics, with definite ownership on the actions I needed to take.

Louisa has helped me articulate my priorities, formulate next steps and provided me with an accountability.  She listens, helps me focus my thoughts and brings me back from the tangents my brain fires off in.  She helps me visualise the bigger picture and ensures that I stay on track.  With difficult decisions I know what I need to do but because it is difficult I’ve avoided it and she gives me the confidence to move forward to action.  Louisa is engaging, focused and encouraging.  She takes a genuine interest in my life and how it is going.  Her style is friendly yet she isn’t afraid of pointing out the ‘hard’ things.  My time and money are very valuable to me and I wouldn’t engage with a coach unless they truly are adding value to my life.  Louisa has definitely helped me and that is why I am more than happy to continue working with her and recommend her to others.  She has kept me on track and I am happier for it.

During our sessions Louisa was able to quickly understand my motivations and my areas of development – even when I probably wasn’t very clear! She was always able to ‘lift the fog’ on my thoughts, meaning I always left with a clearer sense of direction. Louisa always created a relaxed environment making it really easy to have candid, open conversations – I never felt uncomfortable to share how I was feeling. As a result of our coaching, I feel able to have open and potentially challenging conversations with my stakeholders without any fear – something I’ll be able to take with me through my graduate scheme and the rest of my career!

Louisa truly has a skill in asking you the right questions to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I had four sessions with her and have developed for the better in more ways than one. My fellow colleagues and supervisors have all noticed an increase in my confidence and all the progress I’m making. Louisa made it easy for me to identify areas I want to work on and ultimately find solutions to develop them!

Louisa is truly professional and likeable. The coaching sessions I had with her were a game changer for me.  I feel so much more confident now when I am presenting and talking about my career aspirations and development!  She just kept asking me the right amount of challenging questions and I got the chance to reflect on them.  She helped boost my confidence and talk about my barriers and seek feedback. She helped me answer some of the personal key questions I had in my head at that time and this resulted in a positive outcome both in my personal and working life.